BrightEdge Talks Wave of Organic Innovation for ContentIQ & HyperLocal

SAN MATEO, CA – February 28, 2017 - BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, today launched ContentIQ and HyperLocal, innovations designed to drive marketers’ organic search revenue conversions. As search and content marketing disciplines converge it has become clear that marketers need to maximize the value of technology and the insights derived to deliver both compelling content and a great user experience.

Google’s desktop and mobile SERP results are constantly changing in line with changing consumer behavior. And according to new BrightEdge research 76% of Google search results show different results on mobile devices compared to desktop. This is because content which is believed to be optimized for high rankings on desktops may in fact rank differently or poorly on smartphones. Evolving organic search practices for both desktop and mobile, in line with Google change, is essential to modern day search marketing success.

“In a world where visibility and performance are keys to marketing success, BrightEdge ContentIQ and HyperLocal innovations help search marketers stay ahead of the changing search and content marketing landscape”, said Boaz Ronkin, VP of Product Marketing at BrightEdge. “This is especially important in a mobile-first world where mobile-friendly site structure and mobile specific content are essential for increasing traffic, conversions, and revenue”.

Introducing BrightEdge ContentIQ

BrightEdge ContentIQ Overview interfaceAs companies adapt to a mobile-first world, they must create web experiences that are responsive and driven by rich experiences. However, without understanding or adhering to SEO best practices, content creators can inadvertently cause technical errors, duplicate content, or orphan pages. These issues severely impact organic search performance resulting in decreased traffic, conversions, and revenue.

BrightEdge ContentIQ, a revolutionary site auditing solution, minimizes revenue loss attributable to poor user experience and organic performance caused by site errors. BrightEdge ContentIQ is the only solution that delivers a comprehensive website audit natively within an SEO platform.

“ContentIQ represents a tremendous leap forward in content auditing for BrightEdge customers. It enables you to monitor site performance in an intuitive interface, helping to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity. Capabilities like crawling JavaScript-rendered pages, trended reporting, and fully customizable crawl settings make it easier than ever to drive actionable improvements that yield the biggest impact for our site.” Matt Saunders, Director, SEO, Resolution Media

Built for the mobile web era, BrightEdge ContentIQ crawls and inspects progressive web applications, single page applications, JavaScript frameworks, schemas, and social tags.

  • ContentIQ helps identify, prioritize, fix, and monitor critical site errors all within a single workflow
  • BrightEdge ContentIQ is fully integrated into the BrightEdge platform and integrates seamlessly with other key platform innovations StoryBuilder and Anomaly Detection

BrightEdge customers can adjust audits to match their organization’s unique digital standards with BrightEdge ContentIQ. Customers can choose to inspect just a few sections of their websites or crawl the domain for hundreds of millions of pages.

“ContentIQ empowers us to detect, prioritize, and monitor for new issues before they impact our revenue. As an integral part of the BrightEdge platform, it’s a best-in-class enterprise solution, giving us peace of mind while allowing us to focus on growth.”  Jason Stevens, Director, SEO and Program Management, Food Network

Introducing BrightEdge HyperLocal Enhancements

Google has taken the next step in providing the most relevant results to consumers – contextualizing SERPs to small geographical locations. Now, the same search query performed in nearby cities could result in different SERP experiences across different devices. According to BrightEdge research mobile results in local SERPs can vary dramatically – mobile results in San Francisco vs. mobile results in NYC are 68% different.

Using an aggregated view to assess organic performance, marketers can get a skewed view of how their customers experience search locally. To prioritize SEO and content marketing investments effectively, they need a higher resolution picture of where and when customers see their brands in organic search results.

BrightEdge ContentIQ StoryBuilder local keyword trackingBrightEdge’s HyperLocal enhancements enables search marketers to identify topics and understand how content performs in more than 68K local search engines so marketers can track organic performance down to specific locations, pinpoint search demand and performance across the US and around the world.

By extending the volume and granularity of search insights, BrightEdge is the only search and content solution that allows customers to understand how topics and content perform for the specific locations that are most critical to their business success.

HyperLocal capabilities within the BrightEdge platform now allow customers to understand how topics and content perform for searches conducted in every corner of the globe.

  • With BrightEdge’s HyperLocal enhancements customers can track topic and content performance for more than 32K US and 36K non-US city search engines.  HyperLocal even supports the ability to track custom locations, like individual retail store addresses, to get an even more granular view of organic performance
  • BrightEdge’s HyperLocal enhancements follow the recent successful introduction of BrightEdge Intent Signal, which helps marketers prioritize topics that have greater organic opportunity to increase brand visibility above and below the fold


About BrightEdge

BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, empowers marketers to transform online content into business results such as traffic, conversions, and revenue. The BrightEdge S3 platform is powered by a sophisticated deep learning engine, and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social, and mobile. BrightEdge’s 1,500+ customers include global brands such as 3M, Microsoft, and Nike, as well as 57 of the Fortune 100. The company has eight offices worldwide and is headquartered in Foster City, California.

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