Keeping a Daily Pulse on Your Search Performance

Actionable SEO Insights at the Speed of Search

 Built on the BrightEdge S3 platform, Daily Pulse simplifies all the nuances of daily search fluctuations into what matters most for your businessactionable insights that drive website traffic and revenueEasily see what is impacting search engine visibility in the moment for you and your competitors and uncover new opportunities to obtain top of the page results.  

Daily Search Performance Updates

Move at the speed of search and adjust to the rapid pace of change made to keyword rankings and Google algorithm updates​ that impact your search engine visibility the most.

Detailed SERP Analysis

Go beyond the typical SERP tracking tool and gain complete visibility into search. Deep dive into all universal search categories, changes in your listings and full SERP screenshots with actionable SERP insights.

Actionable Insights

Take action with BrightEdge AI insights on your daily search trends and confidently move on newly uncovered opportunities or competitor insight that drive results.

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