Enterprise Security

Security is a Founding Principle for BrightEdge

The security of our customer data is our top priority. When BrightEdge was founded in 2007, we built our SaaS technology with security as a founding principle, choosing to undertake the most stringent global security audits – the same audits companies, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce undergo. Core to BrightEdge is a foundation of secure, reliable, and scalable SaaS infrastructure security controls. BrightEdge’s commitment to security includes ensuring reliable and continuously available data.

BrightEdge Customer Data is Protected with Enterprise-Grade Security

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certified – Internationally recognized British Standards Institution (BSI) certification
  • Total Security - Comprehensive security, including network security, encryption, data availability, disaster recovery, and employee security training
  • Flexible Password Policies – Designed to accommodate the most stringent financial password requirements including, password capture history, disallowing recycled password, and enforcing special passwords

BrightEdge Ensures Secure, Reliable, and Continuously Available Data

  • High Availability – Third-party validated with 99.99% up-time (unique from other players with a history of down-time)
  • Disaster Recovery – Ensures business continuity with multiple data centers with replication in separate locations
  • Global Platform – Complete global capabilities with support for 111+ countries, multi-lingual character support, global servers, and multi-pod architecture that distributes performance load
  • Third Party Validated – Security standards validated by dozens of security audits from the largest global financial institutions and technology companies (these leading brands are now customers)
  • Certified Security Experts – The BrightEdge technical team is comprised of experts with the highest-level security and audit certifications including, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Lead Auditor.

BrightEdge has the necessary tools to protect our data.