Comprehensive SEO Keyword Ranking Management

Keyword Reporting tracks ranking and performance for high-value keywords that drive organic search results.

Identify your most valuable keywords, track their performance and prioritize your efforts by gleaning insights from rich data sets, including search volume, ranking position, universal results and more.

Detailed Keyword Data

Hone in on specific aspects of keyword volume and rank. Develop granular insights about keyword performance by desktop, smartphone, or tablet or by geographical relevance for over 70,000 local and global locations with HyperLocal. For each keyword uncover which page URL should be set as your preferred landing page.

Keyword Tracking and Performance Monitoring

Keyword Reporting's trend graphs give you quick perspective into the performance of your content -- and your competition’s -- over weeks, months, and quarters. Track whether your brand is becoming more visible on top SERPs and in Universal Results. See how impressions, clicks, estimated visits, and revenue trend over time for every topic using BrightEdge’s proprietary measures.

Track Keyword Ranking of Your Competitors

Understand how you perform against the competition at the keyword level. Measure and track share of voice and identify key topics for which you are not currently ranking. Leverage these topics to create content opportunities.

Monitor Changes To The SERP Layout

Keyword Reporting provides insights into the how the SERP layout adapts to each keyword. Understand your potential and actual presence in other types of search results, like Google Quick Answers, videos, or Local 3 Packs. Use Intent Signal to track your content presence above the fold on SERPs and to coordinate organic and paid search initiatives to maximize site traffic acquisition.

What BrightEdge enabled us to do is to really look at the keyword level -- how each keyword is performing on a monthly basis and where it’s ranking and how that feeds back into our campaign.

Matt Brown, American Express Europe - Unique Digital

Act on Your Keyword Insights

Natively integrated within the BrightEdge platform, Keyword Reporting delivers analysis and recommendations that drive action. Simply click on any keyword to get recommendations for the content you wish to rank for. Pull keyword data into StoryBuilder dashboards and reports to understand and communicate the impact of topic demand and content performance on the business, then take specific action to maximize performance.

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