Search is Integral to all Phases of the Customer Journey

Mobile micro-moments – intent-rich moments when people reach for a device with a specific goal to learn something, buy something, do something, or go somewhere – now dominate how customers interact with brands. These changes in mobile culture have forced SEO to mature. Marketers must now understand their customers on a deeper level and create meaningful content that appeals to people during the various micro-moments that make up their customer journeys.

Consider the search engine results pages the doorway to your home page and site. Where your door appears and how it looks dramatically influences how many people visit. Prominence in Search strengthens your brand presence – and customers trust and spend more with the market leader.

Search Is Foundational to All Marketing Efforts

Search is the largest marketing channel, driving 51% of all traffic. Knowing customer intent and word choice better informs the language and logic of your website, blog, display ads, emails, social, ebooks, white papers, videos, FAQs, and support resources.

How relevant is your marketing to your customers' needs? Search helps answer that question. Is your Search relevant enough to your marketing's needs? Find out with BrightEdge.

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